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The Rehearsal Space

The Hive rehearsal space is a 22 x 18 stage area fully equipped with pa system, drums, bass amp, 4 x 12 guitar cabinet and microphones, with rental fees specific to the size of your act. For everyone from acoustic solo or duo artists, to loud rock bands, to dance troupes. Check the room availability in the calendar, book your session, choose the size of your band in the drop down menu, choose to pay online or in person, and then just show up with your guitar and amp head, plug in, and play. Very little setup is required. 

Contact us via email for private party or special event requests. 


The PA System

The Hive PA is a 32 channel Yamaha M2000  mixing board with 2 EV 15" pa speakers, 4 stage monitors, fed by 4 seperate amps, and 3 SM 58 microphones. 


The Drum Kit

The Hive drum kit is a 1988 modified 5 pc Pearl Export in a 1 up 2 down configuration. The kit also has a Pearl Eliminator double bass pedal and a full compliment of Sabian Cymbals. 


Bass and Guitar

The Hive has a Yamaha 4 x 12 - 8 ohm guitar cabinet and a 300 watt Hartke Systems bass head and 4 x 10 Gallien Krueger Cab. 

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